Chanan Getraide


  Chanan Getraide lives with his family in Kibbutz Shiller in Israel, where he was born. He continues the legacy of his parents who came to this Kibbutz in 1937 after a last-minute escape from Nazi Germany.

  For many years Chanan documented the events and lifestyle of the Kibbutz while developing his artistic skills. His work has been focused on photography of the nature landscapes of Israel, industrial environment and the interaction of people with technology.

  Mr. Getraide has presented his work at many galleries in Israel and the United States. He also lectures on these subjects under the general title “You Create Your Image”. In 2000 Chanan won first prize in the “International Competition for Nature and Landscape Photography” which was held in Israel that year. Mr. Getraide has authored a book titled “I’ll Take You There” which presents the nature landscapes of Israel. It has become one of the most popular photo books in Israel.

  During the passed few years, Chanan Getraide develops a unique program to different communities all over the world, in which he combines displaying a show of the Israeli scenery, with a slide presentation telling about Israel, about Kibbutz life and about his photography work, followed by beautiful images of the Israeli scenic.