Mona Margalit

-Steel Mesh



 Mona was born in Israel in 1942, 7th generation "Sabra" (Israeli Born).
 She began drawing in 1973 during the "Yom Kippur War" and uses acrylic and oil paints, but her favorite medium is pencil. She draws on canvas, paper and cardboard. Mona is also a sculptress and before beginning any work she always draws her subject. She draws views from memory. Today her work consists mainly of family scenes - women, men and children.
 After breaking her hand she began doing ceramics for physical therapy. Mona began to decorate her garden with large sculptures of animals. The onlooker can immediately see that her work "comes from the heart". As she she says: "as a cancer survivor I am grateful I can continue to do it."
 In 2006 Mona started to sculpt using Wire Mesh. "Tough on the hands in the beginning", she said, “but we are tougher."
 Today, Mona's Wire Mesh work is presented in Israel and California in Art Shows and on the Web. Her patrons would say, "Her work is both unique and sensitive at the same time."