When choosing a Mezuzah for outdoor, it is recommend to use the Mezuzah Cover shape. This one will have the Klaf protected from the elements. Any Mezuzah will be appropriate for indoors.
All the Mezuzot include a non Kosher scroll, screws and come in a gift box.
Please click here for Mounting Instructions.

The Mezuzah:

This small case is commonly known as a mezuzah. In Hebrew, this translates to doorpost, because it is placed on the doorposts of the house. The Mezuzah is a constant reminder of Gods presence and Gods mitzvoth. God commands us to keep his words constantly, in our minds and in our hearts, by writing them on the doorposts and gates of our house. A small scroll of parchment is rolled up and placed in the case. The case and scroll are then being affixed to the right side of the door post.